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Beer Tasting #2 and #3

image753270342.jpgBoth rich, sweet, syrupy, robust. Blank bottle is voted best beer in the world.

Beer Tasting #1

image746463507.jpgcherry, tart, sour, yummy, light, fresh



photo test


testing iBlogger

This could prove to be super handy. I could blog all the time!

I'm currently testing an iPhone app called iBlogger. It has Drupal capabilities and that's what content management system my site runs on. If this works, I'll have the ability to add more content to my site than usual, since I always have my phone, often have good ideas, but seldom have the time or ability to sit down with my laptop.

*crosses fingers*

Here goes!



Huz Hat - Knitting Pattern

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Here's a hat I made for my husband, Mark. It's still a little warm this time of year, but a nice lightweight hat comes in handy on windy days, cold concert evenings, or high altitude hikes.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

The simplicity of this hat makes it a very versatile accessory. The hat also rounds out on top in a simple star decrease, which I absolutely love.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan


Main Color (MC): Fibranatura Oak, Colorway 5382, 1 skein
Accent Color (AC): Fibranatura Oak, Colorway 5392, 1 skein


Size 8 24" Circular

2"x2"=9-10 sts, 13 rows

Note: This hat was knit with the circular needle Magic Loop method, but could just as easily be started on a smaller circular needle and finished on DPN's

Row 1: CO 100 sts with long tail method in 2 by 2 ribbing pattern with AC

Rows 2 - 4: *k 2, p 2*, repeat 24 more times.

Row 5: Repeat row 2. Russian join MC to end of last st.

Row 6: Repeat row 2 in newly joined color.

Rows 7 - 35 : K 100 sts

Row 36: *K 18, place marker, k2, place marker*, repeat 4 more times

Row 37: *ssk, k 14, k2tog, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Rows 38 - 40: *k 16, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 times

Row 41: *ssk, k12, k2tog, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 42: *k 14, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 times

Row 43: *ssk, k10, k2tog, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 44: *k 12, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 45: *ssk, k8, k2tog, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 46: *k10, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 47: *ssk, k6, k2tog, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 48: *k 8, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 49: *ssk, k4, k2tog, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 50: *k6, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 51: *ssk, k2, k2tog, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 52: *k4, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 53: *ssk, k2tog, sm, k2, sm*, repeat 4 more times

Row 54: *k2, drop marker, k2, drop marker*, repeat 4 more times

Row 55: *ssk, k2tog*, repeat 4 more times

Row 56: k10

Cut yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Thread tail onto a tapestry needle, and pass through 10 remaining sts. Pull tight to close hole at top of hat. Weave in ends securely and trim away excess.

Megan's Mannequin Mania Entries

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Hey guys! I just completed my entries for Mannequin Mania last week, and I wanted to share them with you. I entered 3, which you can see in the Matrix Friends and Family category on, but I'm going to give you a sneak peak right now!

This is Stormy Sunset. She was an exciting style to create, and though in real life she's just a bit more cool pink and cool violet, the style and rich black hair supports her funky color very nicely.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Here's another view, showing the strong curves and embellishment of roses that I've tucked into a formation in the front of her head. You still get a peek-a-boo of intense color lining the style from this angle.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

The back of this style is certainly the most dramatic. My inspiration for this piece was the sky one evening as I drove past the San Jose Guadalupe Park Rose Garden. It was dark and stormy, but the sun was still coming through the clouds in a few spots. It was sunset and the clouds split the dwindling light into intense pinks and violets. The look of the light on the rose garden is what inspired this design.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

This mannequin is named Phoenix. If you saw me teach a Matrix class earlier this year, you saw her with me before she was completely done. My love for intensely red hair color designs kept me excited about this style from January until July! I had a lot of fun with this style, and am excited by the thought of maybe doing something like this myself eventually.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

I love the intense contrast of the yellow-orange at the front panel of this haircut. The yellow works itself into the style with a graduation, but in this section the yellow and red have a chance to be a greater contrast to each other through the front side. This haircut is designed as a double asymmetrical haircut, with a long point on opposite sides of the head in the front and back of the cut.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Ooh I love this view. This view is the reason I designed this style. The graduation from red to yellow is more intense in some areas than others, but yellow-orange highlights occasionally break through the top layers and hint at multi-layered dimension. For those of you Matrix stylists reading this, here's a length reference point: under the drape, Phoenix is resting on an inverted V-Light container. Her hair reaches all the way to the bottom.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Here's another of my favorite views of Phoenix. From this angle, her long point looks a lot like a wing with light yellow tips. As some of you may know, a Phoenix is a mythical creature who dies, bursts into flame, burns to ash, then is reborn from the ash to live again. This cycle reminds me of the necessity to change in the hair styling industry. Every six months we set aside what we already know, learn new techniques and skills, head back out to the world, and start again. Every few years, we become new people all together, learning from before and moving forward as a new person.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

This is Pink Sapphire. She is a conceptual asymmetrical A line bob, with some exciting color placement and structural details. She made me feel brave!

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

A sharp a-line shaping follows Pink Sapphire's jaw line, splitting at the back of the angle just enough to expose the pink edge of the back angle.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

The back angle of the inactive part of this haircut is diffused with bright pink tones, and strongly moves the eye down the length of the cut. In the active part of the style, I used the same degree of an angle to create a disconnected veil, which I broke up with channeling and surface planing to allow the pink layer to be slightly visible underneath. The contrast in soft and hard texture brings a visual movement to the style.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Here you see the boldest part of the haircut. Faceted edges and diffused pink color strongly contrast the soft blonde tones and angle of the longer side. My brother's fiance has a circle of pink sapphire stones in her engagement ring, and I used the facets, angles, and color of the stones as a inspiration in my design.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

My final mannequin didn't make the deadline, but since we had the photo tent setup and all my styling supplies still out, I decided to finish her anyway. She's called Water Nymph, and though I didn't get to share her with America, I figured I'd at least share her with you!

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

When I was a kid, I loved when my mom would fishtail braid my hair. My silky, fine hair took to that style of braid very well, showing all the details of the plaits. One summer we had a family reunion, and my mom braided my hair fishtail-style before we left. I swam all afternoon, and the braid's tiny plaits tangled and frizzed, and I was left with a tangled, messy style. This style is a homage to the adult-version of a favorite childhood look, with a touch of fairytale thrown in.

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

This angle shows her intricate braids in detail. I had fun creating this style! Though she isn't my favorite, which is why I saved her for last and didn't make my deadline for the competition, I'm still very proud of her style, and now I have a few other ideas I'd like to work with using similar concepts.

Thank you for letting me share my Mannequin Mania entries! What do you think? Which mannequin is your favorite?

Hair Flowers

Originally uploaded by theartofmegan

Made these! Just a little sneak preview of what I'll be making for my upcoming zine that's well into production!

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