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My own hair styles, April 2013

I have been impressed with how long my hair has been getting this year, even though I still color heavily on a regular basis. I can say that this is now the longest my hair has been since I was in beauty school.

That being said, recently at the salon we started discussing what we are doing for this year's Dancing on the Avenue. We didn't do last year, but the two years previous we have worn wigs and colorful stenciled hair extensions. This year we decided we'd do 50's pinup looks. This sent me on a book hunt, which is one of my favorite things to do. Gosh I love books.

As I began looking, 2 books really stood out:

Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells


Style Me Vintage by Belinda Hay

I purchased both books, and I have very similar reviews for both. Great tips, cute photos, clear concise directions that your average (patient) woman can follow, but interesting enough to keep my hairstylist interests piqued. I'm glad I picked them up, and if you like pinup styles or just hair that wears well for a few days, you will too.

I've been practicing a little the past few days with some great vintage inspired styles, and this month I'm going to take opportunities to rock some throwback styles as often as I can. Check out the slideshow to see what I've been up to. <3

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