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San Jose Museum of Art, April 2013

Went to SJMA today. I love my membership there. We saw a few exhibits, and though I am sneaky I still don't risk trying to take photos of much of the artwork there. I do try to sneak photos of the titles so I can remember though!

Rising Dragon is a series of Contemporary Chinese Photography showing elements of modernization of current day China. Images show the rapid introduction of industrialization and technology to areas that were until recently agricultural, mixed with traditional and patriotic imagery of Chinese history.

This/That - New Stories From the Edge of Asia is a provocative look at the ideas of identity and conflict, and their ever changing natures. The Mail Order Bride series especially caught my eye, showing Asian women dressed in Geisha style, yet with the imagery looking like something from a brothel dressing room. Women caught in waiting; waiting to be bought and sent to their new husbands to entertain and fulfill whatever desires he has. The photo series is theatrical, as if the scene is intentionally being watched. Bright traditional garments and imperfect Geisha styles invite the viewer into the scene, and the fragile, yet playful nature of the mail order brides is what draws you in fully.

Dive Deep - Eric Fischl and The Process of Painting is an intensive and alluring study of composition, human relationship, and the elements of human form. Fischl shows his creative process in a series of pieces that start from photographic study, progress to sketches and color studies, and evolve different elements to their eventual return to simplistic design elements. Using basic structure of human form and architecture, Fischl works through a concept until it is fully broken down.

As always, visiting the museum makes me want to make art. Maybe on my next rainy day.

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